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Emergency Response Guide for Electric, Hybrid and Hydrogen Vehicles Released

-Emergency Response Guide for Electric, Hybrid and Hydrogen Vehicles-

Firehouse Pride is proud to announce the exclusive release of the English version of the Danish “Emergency Response Guide for Electric, Hybrid and Hydrogen Vehicles”. This 4″x 5.75″ high quality laminated guidebook is a no-nonsense palm of your hand reference for the street level emergency worker. It’s easy to locate tabs allow the user to quickly access need-to-know information about electric, hybrid & hydrogen vehicles. Each section takes the reader through vehicle identification, deactivation, extrication and firefighting concerns. There is also a section outlining special considerations in first aid treatment of injures related to electrocution and acid contact. Each section also has a notes page for individual rescuer comments. Unlike other vehicle rescue guide books, this 60 page, glossy reference doesn’t overwhelm the first responder with unnecessary information. The “Rescue Guide” streamlines the most immediately important information straight to the rescuers fingertips so that they can make educated decisions in a time sensitive situation.

Order your copy HERE:


Introducing Firehouse Pride Pro-Staff & Fireground Staff Opportunities “Join The Movement”

Since the start, the mission of Firehouse Pride has been to restore some sense of logic and practicality to the fire service for the efficiently, safety & pride of it’s members. We do this by providing firefighters around the country with products that work, from firefighters who have been there, and found a better way to do “it”. It has been an amazing few months here at Firehouse Pride, cool products, great people, and a flood of support from firefighters around the country who feel just like we feel & are tired of the “industry” telling them how to fight fires and what tools to use.

Firefighters lookout for each other, and they trust the experience and opinion of those they respect. Firehouse Pride makes products for those firefighters who care just a little bit more about quality and functionality on the fireground & beyond. We stand behind our products and our vision, and we want you involved!

What does it all mean? 

The Pro-Staff & Field Staff are essential to spreading Firehouse Pride across the country. Introducing their fellow firefighters to innovative products that they have probably never heard of before, but truly could save their lives. They test new products and improve old ones, they teach others, they spread knowledge through written word & social media, they work trade shows, they fight fires & save lives rockin’ Firehouse Pride products! They are the backbone of Firehouse Pride and the future of the fire service.

Firehouse Pride Pro-Staff are the battle tested, job driven few among us that have crawled down that dark and lonely hallway more than once with ears stinging and knees burning, wondering if they were coming back. They are from the busiest units, in the busiest houses, from the busiest departments in the country. They dedicate their time to the advancement of the fire service while preserving its historic and storied traditions. They are the ones who spend countless hours training & passing on years of knowledge to anyone who will listen, knowing all-to-well that it may one day save their lives. A salty training helmet or a stack of certifications won’t get you this title, but hard work, experience & dedication to the job might. Firehouse Pride Pro-Staff – “Battle Tested, Firehouse Pride Approved”

Firehouse Pride Fireground Staff are the motivated & dedicated boots on the ground whos’ love of the job radiates from everything they do, but the fire gods may not visit as often as others. Like the Pro-Staff, they too dedicate their time to the advancement of the fire service while preserving its historic and storied traditions. They train, train & train again, knowing full well that fire could strike at any moment. Be it in a small town or a big city, they will be called on to snuff out the red devil wherever he may be, risking themselves to save lives & property in defense of their neighbors regardless of how “busy” they may be. The Firehouse Pride Fireground Staff are the essential power behind the movement to return pride to the fire service and we are happy to have them!

If you think you have what it takes to be a member of the Firehouse Pride Pro-Staff or Fireground Staff, or you would just like to be apart of the movement, send us an interest email & a firefighting resume to contact@firehousepride.com and follow the developments on our Facebook Page!

Ladder Wraps Follow Up: Answers To Your FDIC Cleaning and Wear Questions

Smoke stained Ladder Wraps with some creative comments.

Got Work? Even a little dirty, the wraps shine through.

Thanks again for a awesome weekend in Indy!  It was great meeting all of you who came by the Firehouse Pride booth and checked out what we have offer.  Two of the most common questions we received from all of you was what is the durability of the Ladder Wraps and how should I go about cleaning the Ladder Wraps.  Both are great questions.  The material manufacturer recommends using a non-solvent based cleaner to freshin’ up the wraps.  We like Simple Green because it’s a non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally safe cleaner but you can use any of your favorite cleaners. Denatured alcohol will also work. Pretty much anything except acetone will do, which brings to mind another question asked, if you do need to remove the ladder wraps, acetone is the weapon of choice. Being able to clean and “freshin’ up” smoke stained ladders is one direct advantage over traditionally painted ladders, which are dulled out after one smokey fire.

A non-solvent cleaner like "Simple Green" and a clean rag will do the trick

With minimal elbow grease, you can see your own reflection in the wraps again!

Even deep gashes from window glass won't cause the wrap to just "peel away"

On the question of durability, the Ladder Wraps are made with the highest quality, most reflective & strongest adhesive printable material 3M makes. Then we add to that quality with a highly durable extra laminated coating to further protect the Ladder Wraps from wear and tear at “fireprone” companies. The extra strong adhesive is removable for a few minutes during the initial application, but allowed to “cure” or dry for a few hours and the wraps are on for good (acetone application excluded of course). Once the adhesive is allowed to dry, the wrap material will only wear off in small chips, rather then in large strips.

The extra strong adhesive allows the wraps to wear in the most abused sections, while still maintaining the integrity of the remaining wrap.

This allows the wrap to wear only in the areas that receive the most contact, and maintains the reflective and identifying properties even after direct fire contact. The Ladder Wraps in this article have been to over 100 working fires with the exception one (seen below), our initial test wrap, which has survived over 200 fires and still puts in work. The wear and tear on the wraps is also a direct result of being thrown on hundreds of box alarms and training exercises. We tried to do our very best to bring you the highest quality, most durable product out there, hopefully you will feel the same. To learn more about Ladder Wraps, CLICK HERE. Stay safe!

Our initial product testing wrap taking a beating

Took a beating, but keeps on ticking. Even after direct fire contact the bulk of the Ladder Wrap maintains its identifying and reflective properties.

FDIC Pics & A Vid

Here is a few pics and vids from our trip to the Fire Department Instructors Conference, more on the way, but this should get you started. We had a great time, met some really good people, and are looking forward to next year.

Pride in Action Pictures

Added some pictures to the Pride in Action section of the website! Check em out and be sure to send us your own pics from the fire and training grounds!

CLICK HERE! or check out our FACEBOOK page!

Introducing “Attack Wraps”

From the minds that brought you the extremely durable and highly reflective “Ladder Wraps”, here are the “Attack Wraps”!

Always know the way into battle with the “Attack Wraps”

“Attack Wraps” are designed to provide an immediate reference for interior crews while also assisting with individual hoseline identification (red line, blue line, etc.)

Although nothing replaces effective training and coupling identification based on feel, its hard to argue the immediate reference you get in dark and smokey environments with the Attack Wraps.

Attack Line Pack includes 5 marked and 1 unmarked strip. Enough for 250′ of attack line, the pump panel and the nozzle.

Attack Line Pack only $19.99!

Attack Wraps are constructed of highly reflective and adhesive 3M material with an added layer of laminate protection. They are designed to completely wrap the circumference of the female coupling of attack lines up to and including 2in. They will fit larger lines also but only in 10 inch sections. The arrows are positioned in a way so that they trim easily and cleanly trimmed to accommodate a variety of handline sizes. As we learned in fire school, the male connection always points towards the fire, so intuitively, when you wrap the female coupling, be sure the arrows are pointed in the same direction as the male connection.

Key Points:

  • *Highly reflective even at night or with smokey conditions
  • *If you can find a coupling, you can find your way in, or out
  • *Helps you create color coded lines without expensive colored hose
  • *Great in RIT operations to help rescue crews track progress or identify the line the missing member was on
  • *Blank piece can be used on the pump panel and the nozzle. Write pump pressures right on the material!
  • *Extremely durable, and placement on the female coupling helps protect them from wear
  • *5 color options helps you outfit and entire engine company with different color coded lines
  • *Colors are already in use on most pump manufacturer’s panels
  • *Many more!


Ladder Pride Ladder Wraps – Completely Custom

Our Ladder Pride line is designed to combine pride in your equipment identification with safety on the fire ground. Our ladder wraps are constructed of high quality  reflective adhesive material with an added layer of protective laminate material for prolonged life at “fire prone” companies. The tip kit allows for easy identification from the ground, day or night, as well as reflective tendancys for interior crews looking for a way out. The tip section is designed to extend to the 4th rung on your ground ladder for easy id and execution of the “Hook 2 – Grab 4″bail-out method. The balance point kit allows a firefighter to quickly and efficiently identify the balance point on a stowed ladder, saving time and wasted effort as they prepare to carry the ladder to the fire building.

Our ladder wraps were put through the ringer by some of the busiest houses in the country. Over 80 fires, countless hours of drills, and the wraps are still going strong. We don’t cut corners with cheap material, Firehouse Pride demands performance.

You tell us what you want on them, we print them up!

CLICK HERE to learn more about Ladder Wraps and to design your own!