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TruForce Forcible Entry Training System

Now almost any door can be a training door!!!

The TruForce Forcible Entry Training System is a patent-pendingsystem designed to be installed on any existing 1 ¾” thick commercial steel door with a steel jamb or a solid wood door with a steel jamb in your firehouse, training facility, or entry door to your Class A or B live fire training structure. The TruForce system will convert these doors into a forcible entry training prop which allows a door to be forced repeatedly, in both the inward and outward direction, without incurring damage to the door. The system consists of:

a.     The door mounted unit

b.     The jamb mounted unit

c.     The door mounted support frames

d.     The “Baseball Bat” method wood jamb attachment

e.     The “High-Security” angle iron attachment



  • ·The system utilizes 1” x 2” or 1” x 3” wood furring strips as the replaceable locking devices that connects the door unit to the jamb unit (available at most home centers)
  • ·The resistance of the door can be adjusted by the location and number of furring strips that are installed on the system
  • ·The door system also features a spring-loaded moveable section in the door mounted unit which allows the fork and/or adze end of a forcible entry tool to be driven between the door and jamb, thus allowing the door to be forced without incurring damage
  • ·The door system is adjustable and will fit doors from 30” to 36” in width
  • ·The jamb system design allows the unit to be adjustable for jambs of all widths
  • ·The design incorporates the use of 1/4″ steel for strength at areas subject to extreme force, and 3/16,”  1/8″ and 10 gauge steel in other areas
  • ·The system bolts in place on an existing door and jamb
  • ·The “Baseball Bat” attachment allows the user to simulate “spiking” a wood jamb with the pike end of a forcible entry tool to force the door with the adze end, utilizing the pike end as a pivot point
  •  The “High Security” attachment allows the user to simulate an inward-opening door that may be found in a high crime area. It utilizes a piece of angle iron which attaches to the door and covers the gap between the door and jamb
  •  ·The system retails for $2,500.00* plus shipping and handling
  •  ·Comes with detailed installation instructions as well as an installation and operational/training DVD
  • *On-site delivery, installation and training is available at an additional cost – contact us for details
  • ·Quantity discounts available

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