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Camden Rescue 1 & DCFD Rescue 2 Fundraisers

Camden Rescue 1 Flathead

*This picture is Die-cut*

The City of Camdens Rescue 1, has teamed up with FP to offer a flathead of their, Rescue 1.  All proceeds will go to the Camden City Branch of the Ronald McDonald House Charities.   Click here and pick the size you want and buy one now!

DCFD Rescue 2 Flathead

*This picture is Die-cut*

All proceeds will go to the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation.   For more info on the Burn Foundation you can check out their website by clicking here.    Click here and pick the size you want and buy one now!



Thanks to an overwhelming interest in our “Firehouse Flatheads” and current economic conditions for our fellow fire departments, we would like to introduce our new“Firehouse Flatheads Fundraisers” program. The premies is simple, get a Firehouse Flathead made of your companies favorite piece or pieces of apparatus, sell copies direct to your community or send them to to order. A percentage of each website sale will be issued back to the sponsoring fire department or the department can order in bulk at a discounted rate to sell at community events. This program is meant to act as one more fundraising idea for struggling departments and will not be offered to individuals reselling for personal gain. Percentages vary depending on individual program designs, so please contact us today to discuss your departments options.

Click here for our products.

It’s simple:

  • Upload a picture of your company’s fire truck

  • Firehouse Pride will give your department an ordering code to promote in your community for online orders of that picture

  • Your company can also order copies of the picture at a discounted rate to resell at market value

  • Firehouse Pride writes your company a check for a percentage of online orders!

Thats it, its that simple. Firehouse Flatheads are great for day rooms, kids rooms, award walls and much much more. Upload your picture todayHERE