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The “Why?” Behind Attack Wraps

At Firehouse Pride, we take “Pride” in the concept that our products are invented, designed, developed, tested & approved by actual firefighters that go to actual fires. If we have an idea that saves time, money, or lives, you can trust that the team at Firehouse Pride is going to put a lot of time and effort into developing it for our firefighting friends around the country.

The idea for “Attack Wraps” came to us as a low cost, logical solution to an avalanche of issues our team discovered during working fires, training, and unfortunately, LODD reports. Firefighter disorientation and lack of individual hoseline identification are factors in more than one line-of-duty death and it’s traits can be seen on almost every fire. With these problems in mind the “Engine Guy” in us set out to address this issue in a budget friendly yet durable manor.

Attack Wrap Lines in a dark stairwell

We all know the age old sayings,(smooth, bump, bump to the pump), etc. and we all understand that everyone should train to be able to identify a hoselines coupling direction in zero visibility. Trust us, we hear a smart ass comment at every show we work about this fact from some guy thats been to 3 fires…ever! But what you need to remember is Attack Wraps are not meant to discourage that training, only reinforce the concept and put another tool in the tool box. Trendy rhymes from fire school work great: until your lost, almost out of air, and burning up. The Firehouse Pride guys have been there, which is why we have the Attack Wraps for a visual key to orient us quickly when things get heavy.

Quick Points about the Attack Wraps:

  • They point towards the fire, cause that’s where the Engine is supposed to go!
  • If you can find a coupling, you can find our way in or out
  • Same incredibly durable, highly reflective material as our Ladder Wraps & placement on the female coupling helps protect them further.
  • Great in RIT operations to help rescue crews track progress or identify the line a missing member was on
  • Helps a department create color coded lines without expensive dyed hose purchases
  • Comes in 5 color options that are already used by most pump manufacturers
  • Pack includes 5 arrowed pieces and 1 blank, blank can be put on the nozzle and the pump panel, write your pressures right on the material!
  • And the best part, outfit 250ft of attack line for under $20!

Is It Worth It?

Raleigh, NC Attack Wraps

The purpose for writing this article really started as most good things do, with a constructive discussion we saw on a picture posted on the Firehouse Pride Facebook  page a little over a month ago. Justin Bolduc, a fellow firefighter & friend of Firehouse Pride from Raleigh, NC posted this picture of his Attack Wraps along with the following text.

“Knowing how simple this is thinking back to 98 I wonder if this would have changed the outcome of losing a good friend. I think hose colors and helpful hints ever since that day are worth their money. Take the time to read what happened, it could happen again. This statement in the report is what I was talking about: “The Assistant Chief found the hose line, but could not follow it because it was looped three times and intertwined with the back up line. He then stood up to run and fell to the ground, finding that he was completely out of air. He yelled to Victim #1 to radio for help as he searched for a way to exit.”

And that my friends, is why we at Firehouse Pride do what we do. We do not produce or support gimmicks, nor do we sit around trying to invent some money making scheme off of our fire department brothers and sisters. We address the needs of the real firefighters out there that want to do their job better, more efficiently and ultimately safer through better performance of basic firefighting skills like putting the fire out. We thank you for your support and will continue to do our best to provide you with the best firefighter products from experienced firefighters! Stay Safe!