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Ladder Wraps Follow Up: Answers To Your FDIC Cleaning and Wear Questions

Smoke stained Ladder Wraps with some creative comments.

Got Work? Even a little dirty, the wraps shine through.

Thanks again for a awesome weekend in Indy!  It was great meeting all of you who came by the Firehouse Pride booth and checked out what we have offer.  Two of the most common questions we received from all of you was what is the durability of the Ladder Wraps and how should I go about cleaning the Ladder Wraps.  Both are great questions.  The material manufacturer recommends using a non-solvent based cleaner to freshin’ up the wraps.  We like Simple Green because it’s a non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally safe cleaner but you can use any of your favorite cleaners. Denatured alcohol will also work. Pretty much anything except acetone will do, which brings to mind another question asked, if you do need to remove the ladder wraps, acetone is the weapon of choice. Being able to clean and “freshin’ up” smoke stained ladders is one direct advantage over traditionally painted ladders, which are dulled out after one smokey fire.

A non-solvent cleaner like "Simple Green" and a clean rag will do the trick

With minimal elbow grease, you can see your own reflection in the wraps again!

Even deep gashes from window glass won't cause the wrap to just "peel away"

On the question of durability, the Ladder Wraps are made with the highest quality, most reflective & strongest adhesive printable material 3M makes. Then we add to that quality with a highly durable extra laminated coating to further protect the Ladder Wraps from wear and tear at “fireprone” companies. The extra strong adhesive is removable for a few minutes during the initial application, but allowed to “cure” or dry for a few hours and the wraps are on for good (acetone application excluded of course). Once the adhesive is allowed to dry, the wrap material will only wear off in small chips, rather then in large strips.

The extra strong adhesive allows the wraps to wear in the most abused sections, while still maintaining the integrity of the remaining wrap.

This allows the wrap to wear only in the areas that receive the most contact, and maintains the reflective and identifying properties even after direct fire contact. The Ladder Wraps in this article have been to over 100 working fires with the exception one (seen below), our initial test wrap, which has survived over 200 fires and still puts in work. The wear and tear on the wraps is also a direct result of being thrown on hundreds of box alarms and training exercises. We tried to do our very best to bring you the highest quality, most durable product out there, hopefully you will feel the same. To learn more about Ladder Wraps, CLICK HERE. Stay safe!

Our initial product testing wrap taking a beating

Took a beating, but keeps on ticking. Even after direct fire contact the bulk of the Ladder Wrap maintains its identifying and reflective properties.


FDIC Pics & A Vid

Here is a few pics and vids from our trip to the Fire Department Instructors Conference, more on the way, but this should get you started. We had a great time, met some really good people, and are looking forward to next year.

“The Fire Critic” Try’s Out Some Ladder Pride

Check out the story from The Fire Critic, CLICK HERE to see his site!

Below from

“The guys from Firehouse Pride contacted me about doing a product review for them. I was familiar with their stuff following them on Facebook.

They sent me 8 strips of green “ladder pride”. Two of the strips had “Engine 3″ on them. I decided to place the reflective strips on our ground ladders and send the remainder to Firehouse #5 for them to use. I haven’t gotten any pictures of Ladder Pride in action yet. I will share some pics from at night soon!

I will post the product review on in the coming weeks.

Until then, here are some shots of our “Firehouse Pride”…just another stripe for the tiger if you know what I mean!”

Pride in Action Pictures

Added some pictures to the Pride in Action section of the website! Check em out and be sure to send us your own pics from the fire and training grounds!

CLICK HERE! or check out our FACEBOOK page!

Introducing “Attack Wraps”

From the minds that brought you the extremely durable and highly reflective “Ladder Wraps”, here are the “Attack Wraps”!

Always know the way into battle with the “Attack Wraps”

“Attack Wraps” are designed to provide an immediate reference for interior crews while also assisting with individual hoseline identification (red line, blue line, etc.)

Although nothing replaces effective training and coupling identification based on feel, its hard to argue the immediate reference you get in dark and smokey environments with the Attack Wraps.

Attack Line Pack includes 5 marked and 1 unmarked strip. Enough for 250′ of attack line, the pump panel and the nozzle.

Attack Line Pack only $19.99!

Attack Wraps are constructed of highly reflective and adhesive 3M material with an added layer of laminate protection. They are designed to completely wrap the circumference of the female coupling of attack lines up to and including 2in. They will fit larger lines also but only in 10 inch sections. The arrows are positioned in a way so that they trim easily and cleanly trimmed to accommodate a variety of handline sizes. As we learned in fire school, the male connection always points towards the fire, so intuitively, when you wrap the female coupling, be sure the arrows are pointed in the same direction as the male connection.

Key Points:

  • *Highly reflective even at night or with smokey conditions
  • *If you can find a coupling, you can find your way in, or out
  • *Helps you create color coded lines without expensive colored hose
  • *Great in RIT operations to help rescue crews track progress or identify the line the missing member was on
  • *Blank piece can be used on the pump panel and the nozzle. Write pump pressures right on the material!
  • *Extremely durable, and placement on the female coupling helps protect them from wear
  • *5 color options helps you outfit and entire engine company with different color coded lines
  • *Colors are already in use on most pump manufacturer’s panels
  • *Many more!


Firehouse Pride Welcomes “The Pig”

THE PIG is an innovative and beautifully simple fire service tool that was developed by a 14 year veteran of the Austin Fire Department.

THE PIG is 8 pounds of total fireground domination! Combining proven attributes of a flat-head and pick-head axe, THE PIG is the most versatile tool on the fireground. Roof ventilations, forcible entry, saving your own, breaching walls, and breaking locks are just the start of it’s capabilities. THE PIG can also be used for overhaul, and is great for pulling down drywall, shiplap, lathe and plaster, and trim. THE PIG is the single most capable hand tool on the fireground. When you arrive on scene, there will be no question what you will reach for… Grab THE PIG!

Roof Ventilation

  • *THE PIG is sure to become the “go-to” tool for roof ventilation
  • *The flat-head side of the tool easily bashes through roofing material and is unquestionably faster than *using the cutting edge of an axe. There is a good chance the hole will be done before the saw gets to the roof.
  • *Use the 4.5″ pick of THE PIG to make indication holes and kerf cuts so you can read smoke conditions below you and to see what type of roof decking you are standing on.
  • *Skylight Removal
  • *The pick can also be used to provide a foothold on a steep roof.

Forcible Entry

  • *For forcible entry “The Pig” can be used to createing gaps between doorframe and doors during forcible entry
  • *Break and punch locks
  • *When used along with a halligan THE PIG can be used to force metal inward or outward swinging doors
  • *Remove burglar bars
  • *Breach walls of various types, including brick.

General Overhaul

  • *Great for pulling down drywall, shiplap, lathe and plaster, and trim.

Get yours today: CLICK HERE!